AI Writing vs Professional Essay Writers: Which Produces Better Quality Content?

June 4, 2023 Marketing

As technology advances, more industries are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to automate processes and increase efficiency. The writing industry is no exception, with text-generation tools becoming increasingly popular. But can a language model produce high-quality content that rivals professional essay writers and their experience? Let’s figure that out.

What Makes Quality Essay Writing

There are standards for essay writing that students have to follow. Usually, writers in services like writemy know these standards and understand the purpose of their work.

#1 Clarity

The clarity in academic writing refers to the use of clear and precise language to convey ideas effectively. A clear essay is easy to read and understand so that the reader can grasp the intended meaning. To achieve clarity, the writer should focus on simple sentence structures, avoid technical jargon, and use concrete examples and explanations.

#2 Accuracy

In academic writing, accuracy is essential in presenting credible and reliable information. The writer must ensure that all statements, arguments, and claims are supported by appropriate evidence. The information presented should be verifiable, current, and relevant. Only accurate information can damage the credibility of the essay and lead to correct conclusions.

#3 Cohesion

Cohesion in academic writing refers to the connection between sentences, paragraphs, and sections. A well-written essay flows naturally, with each sentence or paragraph logically leading to the next. A cohesive flow creates a clear structure for the reader to follow and helps to convey ideas effectively. To achieve cohesion, the writer should use transitional phrases, connective words, and topic sentences.

#4 Originality

Originality in academic writing refers to using unique ideas and perspectives to contribute to discussing a particular topic. Original essays should demonstrate a fresh perspective and contribute new knowledge or insight. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in academic writing, and the writer must ensure that all ideas and sources are appropriately cited.

#5 Evidence

Citations in academic writing refer to recognizing the sources used in the essay. The writer must give credit to the sources to avoid plagiarism and to demonstrate that they have conducted thorough research on the topic. Proper citation helps to strengthen the credibility of the essay and allows the reader to verify the information presented.

#6 Relevance of the Sources

In academic writing, it is essential to use relevant sources that provide credible information to support the arguments presented in the essay. The writer should carefully select sources that are current, reliable, and relevant to the topic. Using irrelevant or outdated sources can undermine the credibility of the essay and may lead to incorrect conclusions. The writer must evaluate sources carefully to ensure that they are appropriate for the intended purpose of the paper.

Can AI Do That?

Custom services and AI are two options that students can use when they need to write academic papers. However, essay writing services are generally better for students needing high-quality, personalized content. Here are some reasons why:

First, writing services offer access to professional writers with experience completing academic papers. These writers are familiar with the conventions of academic writing and can help students create transparent, concise, and well-researched documents. They can also work with students to develop a clear argument, ensure the information is accurate and well-cited, and revise the paper to meet the student’s expectations.

In contrast, AI writing is still a relatively new technology and cannot produce the same quality as a human writer. While a language model can generate text quickly, it cannot think critically, evaluate sources, or create original content. Additionally, a machine needs help understanding the nuances of language and may produce awkwardly phrased or challenging content.

Also, essay services offer a level of personalization that AI cannot match. Clients can talk directly with their essay experts to ensure they are on the same page about the assignment. Plus, you can provide feedback throughout the process. This ensures that the final product is precisely what the client needs and is delivered on time. In contrast, a language model is a one-size-fits-all solution that cannot be customized to meet the specific needs of individual students.

Thirdly, custom services provide high-quality content tailored to clients’ needs. Professional writers can produce content that is well-researched, well-cited, and original. They can work with clients to develop a clear argument and ensure that the writing is accurate and concise. This level of quality is difficult to achieve with AI writing, which may produce poorly researched, inaccurate, or plagiarized content.

Fourthly, essay writing services ensure that the final product is plagiarism-free. Professional writers can create original content tailored to the client’s specific needs, ensuring that the paper is unique and not copied from other sources. In contrast, AI may produce content that needs to be revised or based on outdated or inaccurate citations.

Finally, custom writing services are affordable and accessible to students of all academic levels. While some students may hesitate to use essay services because of the perceived cost, many services offer affordable pricing options that make it accessible to students on a budget.

The Bottom Line

While AI writing may seem attractive for students who need to write academic papers quickly, it is essential to remember that custom writing services are a better choice for students who need high-quality, personalized content. Essay services offer access to professional writers, a level of personalization that a language model cannot match, high-quality content, plagiarism-free material, and affordable pricing options. By using academic services, students can ensure that they receive the high-quality content they need to succeed academically.


What is the difference between AI writing and custom essay writing? 

AI writing uses computer programs to generate content automatically, without human intervention. On the other hand, custom essay writing is a service provided by professional online essay writers who research and write original content based on the specific instructions and requirements provided by the client. Custom essay writing involves human creativity, critical thinking, and analysis to produce high-quality, unique content.

Do writers use AI? 

Some essay services may use AI to assist in writing, such as checking grammar and plagiarism. However, professional custom writing services rely primarily on the expertise and skills of their writers, who use their knowledge, experience, and research skills to produce original and high-quality content.

How do writers complete assignments? 

Custom services typically assign writers with relevant academic backgrounds and experience in the subject matter of the assignment. The writer will review the instructions and requirements provided by the client and research to gather relevant information. They will then create an outline and draft the essay, ensuring that it meets the needs and is error-free. The final essay is reviewed and edited before being delivered to the client. Clients are encouraged to communicate with the writer throughout the process to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.