Amazing Self-Development Apps for Your Growth

February 8, 2021 Career

Nowadays, self-development and personal growth are extremely important for everyone who wants to achieve success. This is a huge part of personal growth, and if you want to become a better version of yourself, this article is certainly for you. Down below, we have prepared a list of applications that are perfect for personal development and will help you learn and adopt new skills. 

1. TED

This is an amazing platform that enables you to learn and to fill your knowledge gaps. If you struggle with essay writing and want to improve your skills, find the relevant course to help you become a better writer. This platform gives you access to various useful information that makes it possible to learn missing skills. 

2. Duolingo

If you always wanted to learn one of the most widely spoken languages in the world for personal or professional use, then this app will be a perfect match. Here, you can learn vocabulary and explore grammar rules of different fluency levels through effective and engaging exercises. You can start from the very beginning and learn a new language even on the go. 

3. Happier

Being happy is also a skill that we can learn. This platform will be the place where you can share and collect the happiest moments in your life. It will teach you how to be grateful and, at the same time, during challenging periods, it will help you keep your chin up and overcome all hurdles. 

4. Remente

It’s paramount to find harmony between your career and personal life. This platform makes it possible for you to set goals and prioritize so you can focus on the right things. There are plenty of useful features that will boost your mood and productivity and make you one step closer to being a successful, happy, and fulfilled person. 


If you want to achieve a certain business or personal goal but don’t know where to start, this platform is your lifesaver. With the help of coaches and by asking the right questions, you will be able to get all the assistance needed and get priceless tips and guidance from a supportive community. 

6. Jefit

Self-development includes the development of your physical health and strength. Regular physical activities will help you achieve amazing results and enhance your stamina. Here, you will find hundreds of effective exercises so you can build your own sports routine and enjoy the process. It’s possible to personalize this app with extensive settings. 

7. DayOneApp

Tracking your career or personal progress is essential. This is a journaling app that enables you to track all your achievements, share things you are grateful for, share your business ideas, add images and sounds. Understand yourself better, analyze your life routine, and overcome mental barriers to attain even bigger results.  

8. Headspace

In such a hectic world, most people are stressed or overwhelmed with their daily tasks and routine. We have so many things on our minds, so it’s impossible to stay in the present moment and enjoy your life. This app will teach you how to meditate, find your peace, and be more aware of a moment. 

9. Lumosity

Here is a great app that will boost your brain activity. Basically, this is a collection of great brain games and puzzles that will make your mind actively work. It will be a perfect way for you to improve your memory, increase focus and concentration, develop your attention to detail, and become smarter while playing. 

10. Habitica

If adopting new habits is not that easy for you, this app will simplify everything. All you have to do is just list all habits and goals you want to achieve and how often you want to repeat a certain action. The app will send you reminders, so you never forget about your aims. 

11. ThinkUp

If you struggle with self-motivation and wonder where to get your inspiration back, consider getting this outstanding app. It will elevate your spirit and motivate you by offering a wide range of positive thinking affirmations and motivational quotes to serve as your personal inspiration source. 

Summing It Up

It goes without saying that personal growth and development is paramount for modern people. If you strive to improve yourself, then downloading these apps will be recommended. You will be able to learn, become more productive, and achieve amazing results. Boost your personality with the help of modern applications and achieve amazing results.