Artificial Intelligence’s Net Worth And Why People Are Investing In It

June 14, 2019 Business, Marketing

If there’s a topic which has been targeted to the extreme by technological development teams worldwide, that would definitely be Artificial intelligence. Now, let’s examine artificial intelligence’s net worth.

AI, machine learning, deep learning and autonomous learning are all part of the now so-called “race to automation”, which is leading more and more businesses to massive waves of investments in startups that are exclusively building applications with these technologies.

With this in mind, let’s analyse what’s the current state of artificial intelligence in a business world which is moving as fast as ever.

Artificial Intelligence In Business: What, Why And Where

AI is being used in a variety of business sectors, ranging from (obviously) technology related ones such as app development but also approaching purely financial ones such as mortgage providers, banks and such.

The fintech realm is, in fact, one of the biggest promoters of artificial intelligence-related features, especially when combined to blockchain-based endeavours. An example of this very statement would be the fact that Santander has recently launched an entirely blockchain-based branch, which, when launched, confirmed to the business world how machine learning and AI have moved from being a theoretical matter to a proper business addition within technological development.

Some Numbers

In order to understand the power of a new piece of technology which is being applied to a new business sector, the best practice would be analysing its employment state.

In 2018, Python developers (professional figures, to reference, who are proficient in machine learning coding) have been the most wanted professional figure within the software development field, growing by a net 20% compared to 2017.

With this being said and from this very point, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have grown to the point in which their applications to business fields such as fintech have grown the matter’s value up to reaching the billion dollar worthiness, in 2018.

Analysts all over the world are saying that AI as a whole will keep on growing given its recent financial applications and, with numbers like these, it’s easy to understand why.

The Mobile World

To better picture artificial intelligence’s net worth, we must analyse what top players are doing in the technological development realm.

Apple has recently announced an entirely AI an Deep Learning based feature coming in the future iOS version, whilst working on several other projects based upon this technology.

In the UK, which has been recently nominated as the European technology powerhouse, some app developers have told how Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning/Machine Learning-based projects have been looked after by big enterprises which are looking to update their mobile apps. This is, at all effects, another massive point to keep an eye for what concerns the future of this very technology.

To Conclude

Artificial intelligence is an extremely hot topic nowadays and, given the massive waves of investments which are being released from the companies mentioned above, it’s quite easy to see why.

The future is bright, also, for those developers and Python experts who are willing to try new career paths, following the need for these figures in today’s market. Given how pivotal the next couple of years will be for what concerns this technology, we can expect big changes.

About the author:

Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is a Manchester based business and tech writer who writes in order to better inform business owners on how to run a successful business. You can usually find him at the local library or browsing Forbes’ latest pieces.