Best Games Written in Rust (Programming Language)

February 11, 2022 Programming

From 2016 to 2020, Rust was Stack Overflow’s most loved programming language. Let that sink in for a moment, from over 700 programming languages, this lesser-known language was the most loved among perhaps the world’s largest online community of programmers. So then why don’t many programmers know about this all-important programming language? And more to the point, what game developers are using it to push the boundaries of game programming?

What is Rust?

A blazingly fast and incredibly memory-efficient programming language, Rust is a language with no runtime or garbage collector which powers performance-critical services and easily integrates with other languages.

Not only that but Rust is incredibly reliable, guaranteeing memory and thread safety, while eliminating many classes of bugs at runtime.

This makes Rust potentially the ideal language for game development, as its safe programming promises a simpler, more efficient development process which cuts down on debugging. And, even then, it can integrate with established tools and ecosystems thanks to its interoperability with other languages.

But beyond the technical mumbo-jumbo, Rust is already being deployed by indie game devs to create games. Let’s take a look at some.

Top 5 Games Built on Rust


Inspired by the likes of Into the Breach, Zemeroth is an open-sourced turn-based tactical game which takes place on a hexagonal game board.

Its tabletop-like design is creative and charming, allowing players to face off against the computer in heated battles on its unique playing surface.

Mixing a fair amount of nostalgia with satisfying gameplay, Zemeroth is a light hearted play. And thanks to its developer’s beliefs, it is totally open source!


A multiplayer, voxel RPG taking cues from game deals such as Minecraft, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Dwarf Fortress, Veloren is a game developed by a community of volunteers utilising original graphics, music and assets created in a contributor-driven ecosystem which foregrounds community.

This goes hand in hand with its multiplayer focus, which hopes to bring together players in its colourful, voxel-based fantasy world.

In development since 2018, the game’s sprawling world and many biomes can be explored today. Even though the game is still going through a from-scratch rebuild.

Nox Futura

Another project which takes cues from Dwarf Fortress, Nox Futura ports similar gameplay mechanics into 3D seeing the player take control of a colony-ship in the hopes of keeping your settlers alive on a newly discovered planet.

Still in development as a passion project by developer Herbert Wolverson, the game will be a fascinating addition to the Rust gaming community.


Bringing strategy games to the Rust ecosystem, Epicinium is a game which pits you in a world with finite resources which result in wars between rival factions. 

Featuring AI battles or full online modes with up to 8 opponents, the game’s simple graphics are complimented by deep, complex gameplay which taps into contemporary issues from food shortages to global warming.

Not only that, but Epicinium offers players the opportunity to create their own resource-laden battlegrounds with an easy-to-use map editor.

The game is created by “A Buch of Hacks”, who pride themselves on being the Netherlands’ first worker cooperative for game development.


No, a game, but the potential for one. Bevy is a game engine built in rust. Offering game makers all the benefits of the programming language without having to set up the back end themselves.

Featuring a 2D renderer, 3D renderer, scenes, sound, UI design and much more while remaining totally open-sourced makes Bevy a must try for any developers interested in mobilising the benefits of Rust.

A Rising Star

It goes without saying that Rust is still a niche programming language when it comes to game development. That’s why the vast majority of projects found using it are by indie devs working on passion projects.

That said, with more and more tools becoming available to Rust-loving developers, it’s only a matter of time before one bit hit takes rust into the mainstream as a programming language for game making.

Perhaps you could even be the developer to make that game?

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