Features of the .Net platform

December 15, 2021 Programming

.NET is now Microsoft’s answer to the web and business product marketplace, competing with Oracle’s Java platform and various PHP-based web development environments.

With the release of the .NET Core platform, Microsoft is removing the limitations of previous versions of the .NET Framework that allowed developing products for the Windows platform only.  Using .NET Core, we can build multi-platform solutions that can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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Key Features

In fact, there are a lot of advantages. The main features of using the Microsoft .NET Framework are:

  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Component development.
  • Simplification of applications.
  • It allows you to implement different types of apps: web apps, desktop PCs, mobile apps, console apps, etc.
  • Unified runtime environment.
  • Support from a wide user community and reliable documentation provided by Microsoft.

And .NET Core, in turn, also adds the following:

  • Development of multi-platform applications.
  • Open source managed by the .NET Foundation, available on GitHub, fosters a large active and engaged community.
  • Flexible development.
  • Modular distribution via NuGet packages.
  • Focused on the development of microservices.

When it is better to use .NET Framework or .NET Core?

Microsoft recommends choosing .NET Core in the following cases:

  • It is necessary to develop cross-platform code that can run on Linux and macOS operating systems other than Windows.
  • The goal is development focused on microservices.
  • It is necessary to offer a scalable and high-performance architecture.
  • In parallel, different versions of .NET are needed.  NET Framework will be the most suitable alternative in the following cases:
  • When it comes to supporting applications built on the .NET Framework.

Developing solutions on the .NET platform will bring us the following benefits:

  • A wide catalog of functionalities available for use, which allows you to focus on solving business problems.
  • Less development time.
  • Simplify application maintenance by building on standard designs.
  • Reduce costs by reducing development and maintenance time.

Why to choose this platform?

The decision to use the .NET Framework or .NET Core to develop new software solutions is usually related to the technology strategy adopted by the organizations.

Large companies that require a wide range of different types of IT services, with the assurance that they can operate in an integrated manner and with the ability to have reliable support, typically choose to use Microsoft-based technologies.

In these scenarios, choosing to use the .NET frameworks will always be the right decision.