How To Write Unique and Interesting Articles For Link Building

March 10, 2022 Marketing

If you are an SEO specialist excited about website promotion, link building with content is in your practice for sure. Producing high-quality, creative and exceptional writing ensures top SERPs via link building blogs

For instance, a blogger found your texts valuable and put links to your site in his blog posts. Thus, you get not only your audience engaged to the site, but also other person users. This activity undoubtedly has a significant influence on Google’s ranking. That’s why you should care about how to create worthy content for the link building articles.

Moreover, search engines pay immense attention to the writing quality, keywords relevance and quantity of linked websites. It all helps identify what ranking positions have to take a specific site. So, the SEO linking building strategies are incredibly significant and our task is to explore the most efficient tactics for engaging and unique articles creation.

1. Generate valuable content

Qualitative writing with a well-structured and polished text isn’t enough for involving people on your site via linking. Your content also needs to contain information on recent studies or reports, image galleries, videos, infographics and step-to-step guides. 

You should not trust the entire process of preparing content to one person. A SEO specialist must conduct research, select a relevant topic, after that a copywriter will create a content, a photographer should make good photos, and a designer or retouching studio will postprocess photos.

The crucial is that all this content variety must be easy to consume and available on all devices. Internet audiences appreciate clarity and accessibility, so your traffic through articles links will rise if you keep to the tips mentioned earlier.

2. Guest posting matters

This method covers the placement of your specific content on another website. Besides, broadening your site’s target audience, guest blogging helps to gain top search engines ranks with authority link building blogs. There are plenty of guest posting services for bloggers that are responsible for appropriate links application and content optimization. They can make your life much easier, but if you make up your mind to deal with the situation yourself, the following advice from or our list will come in handy.

  • Fresh content promotion.
  • Links search in the existing content.
  • Press-releases performance for getting links from appropriate websites.
  • Unlinked sources removal.

The previous processes incorporate close interaction between the SEO specialist and the requested site editor. So, to make it fruitful, you can resort to such actions.

  • Don’t send messages on general topics and try to personalize the outreach, giving details as much as possible.
  • Concise info presentation since the editor won’t waste time on long emails and you risk having no answer.
  • Prove they will advantage from your website or article linking.
  • The anchor text is requisite and it should be easy to reach.

Moreover, marketing strategies are working tools too. So, it’s worth implementing them or appealing to reliable services that carry out marketing for blogging.

3. Experiment with news 

Everyone likes to stay informed and if your website contains hot breaking news, it will definitely be the talk of the town. In addition, you may earn a broad audience via publications that have names in their niche. What’s more, getting backlinks from them drives Google to take high SERPs.

It’s crucial to deliver only valuable news content to your users. Addling their brains with meaningless things may harm the site traffic irreparable. You should take into account what is the key goal for your business and target articles. So, stick to the forthcoming guide to attain it.

  • An event organization.
  • Donating to some cause.
  • Non-commercial setting off.
  • A new product development.
  • A novel partnership announcement.
  • Bonuses offering.

First, determine your news direction and present it to diverse authors, influencers, online publications and mass media. The next step is to convince them your content is one of the most amazing types of link building articles that will be helpful for the public.

4. Applying technical SEO

One more potent tactic for link earning is the technical audit. Preventing links from breaking and pages from hacking, a thorough analysis will reveal an actual situation with your backlinks functioning. Then, you should do the next steps.

  • Broken links discovery. In this case, you can get in touch with the editor and add the correct link, pointing to the value it brings to their website.
  • 404 error fixing. Providing a new link to the analogous page is under your jurisdiction. 
  • Redirections removal. You have to delete all redirects channels and ensure that each redirect link is aimed at the ending one.
  • HTTPS setting. Make sure that your links are updated from the old HTTP version if you get the SLL.

Managing these problems play a prominent role in restoring connection from one webpage to another. If you perform them, your traffic will boost enormously.

5. Destructive link generation practice

We studied SEO tools that can help your industry to have the world at its feet. Still, we have to be cautious about dangerous ways of link building, since one uncareful step may overthrow the SEO empire. So, what actions are better to watch out.

  • Purchase different links.
  • Payment for linking.
  • Linking schemes.
  • Deceptive redirect links.
  • Links spams via commenting.

Sometimes you may suggest that a great links range is conducive to your website, but it’s the wrong viewpoint. Instead, Google values the balance between the content and its linking experience. That way, link making isn’t as easy as pie and it takes effort and marketing mastery.


Overall, the intelligent content-making process via link generation is a challenging matter. Still, if you have the right tactics in your arsenals like worthy content, guest posting, exciting news and solid technical audit, then the plan of link building with content will hit the jackpot. Therefore, we recommend you try and enjoy the results soon!