More Payment Options, More Customers

February 22, 2022 Business

There is no doubt customers should be the center of any business’ attention, and tireless effort is put into keeping customers satisfied, but in some cases, customer convenience is compromised.

The problem of not having enough payment options is common and is very troublesome to customers. This is especially true when customers don’t have hard cash with them, and no other payment options are being accepted.

Therefore, it is important to have a variety of payment methods so that customers can seamlessly purchase products and avail services. To avoid payment difficulties, you can register a business IBAN account, which is ideal for cross-border online payments that allow you to easily conduct business transactions beyond borders.

As a business owner, thorough research on the types of payment methods most used by customers should be done to better analyze which payment options are more preferred over others. Read on to know why you should reconsider the current payment option you are offering that prevents you from building trust, loyalty, connection with your customers:

Expectations and Convenience

Customers will be disappointed right away if they are unable to use their desired payment option when shopping online. It will also create a bad impression on your business because you made them feel less valued. Offering many payment options will result in flexibility and customers are more likely to purchase more and spread good word of mouth.

Growth in Audience

The more payment options you offer, the wider the audience you can reach out to. This is especially true if you consider different generations and demographics e.g. Generation Z or millennial would prefer in-app purchasing mobile wallet and mobile payments compared to Generation Y who will prefer debit and credit cards. The growth of your business will accelerate by catering to a different audience.

Brand Trust

Customers will be invested in your brand if you can earn their trust by being as transparent as possible, thus allowing you to reach more customers and retain them in the process. 

Trust is an essential growth tool that will sustain your commerce or e-commerce business. Therefore, offering a wide range of safe, and secure payment options is not only an effective way to earn customers’ trust but will also increase your chances of generating revenue.

How to Go About Offering Multiple Payment Options

You should keep your customers happy if you expect to get a return on your investment based on the different payment options you are offering. Therefore, the right decision has to be taken regarding which payment option to prioritize over the other so that the checkout process doesn’t turn out messy and hinder the performance of your website.

Know Who Your Customers Are

Customers belonging to different age groups and generations have varying preferences in terms of payment options. You can make a proper decision about which payment modes are best suited to your audience by taking time to know your customers based on your products or services, brand mission, and data on past purchases or consumer engagements. 

It is recommended to invest the most time and resources on a selected few payment options that reflect customer demand while attracting other potential customers as well.

Know Your Options

After getting to know your audience, it is time to connect the dots to have a better understanding of your payment options. You can choose which payment options to add to your website or online store depending on your audience’s needs and preferences once you are well aware of the latest available payment options and how it works. 

When running these payment options, you should monitor the source of your sales and examine which payment options are performing best. The payment methods that are least used can be replaced with more effective options so that it doesn’t take up valuable space on the checkout page of your website.

Know How to Work With the Right Tools

You should invest in the right tools to make adding payments to your store or website as easy and friction-free as possible. You can use a CMS or website builder that will allow you to add payment options and widgets without technical skills. It will achieve the goal of serving customer demand within a short period, attain maximum success, and will let you focus on other important aspects of your business as your sales grow.


Since your business revolves around your customers, it is crucial to prioritize their needs, demand, and preference for your business to flourish. As your business continues to expand, you should keep in touch with your customers, and pay attention to their feedback so that you can bring the necessary changes before it is too late.

Besides, customers cannot be blamed for feeling like they can handle money their way given that significant changes are coming to the world of payment options. Once you empower your customer to pay in a way that is easy for them, you will benefit from it bountifully.