Mosso hosting cloud

September 17, 2008 Programming

Mosso’s hosting cloud at $100 / month seems like a good solution to get a scalable server. However one thing bugs me, actually two things…

First one: they offer FTP only access. Meaning you cannot deploy sites directly from code repositories (i.e. git or svn). That sucks.

Second thing that bugs me: for $100 you get quite a lot of computing power which can be used to run multiple sites – but you are only allowed to have one Rails app running. Only one. If you want additional Rails apps (for example to have a test server) you need to pay an extra fee.

I know it’s cloud computing and that you have to be able to run it with any additional configuration (that’s why I think it’s ok that you have to freeze your gems in Rails apps, because you cannot install any gems yourself)… but not being able to checkout my code from repository and having to upload the whole app each time you make changes is really annoying.

In their defense, the support guy said that they are working on it, but he could give me an ETA when they’ll allow something like that.