The 6 Most Successful Content Marketing Techniques

February 13, 2020 Business, Marketing

Content marketing is a special technology for the formation and dissemination of information in order to attract a target audience. The main objectives of this approach are to encourage consumers to take specific actions and engage them in a conversion scenario. However, encouraging consumers is implemented differently according to the nature of your company. For example, a writing service like will use different content marketing techniques from those used by an online shop with toys. 

Many online businessmen for some reason underestimate the role of content in promoting their brand. But with the help of some content marketing techniques, you can earn regular customers. Here are some statistics: 87% of buyers assured that it was online content that influenced their choice of seller.

Here are just a few reasons why you should start your own blog as soon as possible:

Fresh information.

Give customers a reason to visit your site. Post fresh content to keep people interested. Publish it 1-3 times a week.

Improving search rankings.

Quality materials will help attract more traffic and increase the search results. Such a step will also help distinguish your company from the rest.

It gives authority.

Give your subscribers knowledge they can put into practice. And then you will be distinguished from thousands of other companies that work with you in the same market.

Helpful in communication.

Materials from the blog can be posted on social networks. And there, your target audience will be able to actively discuss it.

Content Marketing Techniques

Tips to Make Your Content Marketing Better

Audience segmentation

Segmentation of the target audience is the division of the audience into groups, where they are united on the basis of similar needs (queries). Wikipedia writes that segmenting the target audience is a “critical aspect of marketing” – and it’s true. Segmentation of the target audience and the market are important in online promotion and promotion in social networks.

Targeted landing pages

The visitor arrives at the landing page after clicking on an advertising banner, ad, or link from various sources. The purpose of the creation and existence of the landing page is to convince the visitor to take the action (conversion goal) necessary for the web marketer/advertiser: fill out the form, leave contact details, make a purchase, or conclude a service agreement.

Analysis of competitors

Most entrepreneurs know their competitors. They may not be aware of the existence of all competitors in the niche, but they may name at least a few companies that produce a similar product or service. The problem is not the presence of direct competitors, the existence of which may not be suspected. Problems appear when, for example, a business owner discovers that competitors’ websites in Google are not included in the list of competing companies. That’s why it is important to make a thorough analysis of competitors. 

Content Marketing Techniques

1. Skyscraper technique

Step 1: Find content that has shown itself as capable of generating incoming links and reposts and is located on the first page of search results.

Step 2: Make strategic improvements to it.

Step 3: Promote it by email.

Bam! – that’s all. As you probably already know, these three steps form the skyscraper technique.

2. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the power of persuasion that is applicable in any industry. Many companies are convinced that this is one of the best ways to increase consumer trust in their product. After all, the fact remains undeniable – thanks to recommendations from experts, authorities, and celebrities, the business is developing faster and sales are increasing. Influencer marketing also contributes to brand awareness.

3. Headlines

It is after reading the headline that the potential client decides whether to read the article or not. Make the headline informative, clear, and intriguing. 

4. Video content

Video content is the totality of all videos posted on your resource. It’s hard to imagine a situation where video content can harm companies. Video content is used by everyone from transcontinental corporations to private entrepreneurs. With the help of a video, you can easily show the client something that cannot be told through text.

5. Rich content marketing (for Google featured snippets)

The first thing people see when entering a question in the search engine is the answer to it, presented above all other sites – the featured snippet. It’s time for online stores and other commercial sites to take a closer look at what featured snippets on your business topics the search engine has already selected, and then create something similar on your site by reformatting the content as Google likes.

6. Guest posting

A guest post is an article relevant to the target audience of a blog that was not written by its creator, but by an ordinary subscriber, visitor, or other blogger. In this case, publishing conditions are always agreed upon by the author. How is a guest post important? It is an effective tool for promotion on social networks and one of the most effective advertising tools.

Useful List of Content Formats

  • Picture

It is very easy for users to perceive it, since it does not require a lot of time assimilating information, which is necessary, for example, for text or a short video.

  • Video

The audience considers it as more complex, as it carries a large amount of information. But it is a more popular content format than text, thanks to visualization, which allows the viewer to relax and absorb information without much effort.

  • Text

In most cases, a large amount of information is poorly received by the public. For social networks, it is recommended to upload texts of no more than 1,000 characters, while accompanying it with a picture or video. If this is a training article, the best solution would be to post a small piece of information with a link to a blog.

  • Audio

Of course, the most important audio format is music, which can be attached to pictures with quotes and other formats. But if we are talking about a book or lecture posted in this format, they will gain success only in thematic publication.

The benefits of content marketing are its extensive abilities for planning, performance analysis, and optimization capabilities to attract new customers and increase brand loyalty. However, getting these benefits is possible only if you use the content marketing techniques presented in this article.