The Rise of AI Software in Crafting Novels

March 21, 2024 Marketing

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a relatively new technology for novel writers. As a job, novel writing can be a major creative and networking challenge. While AI does present some challenges to a writer’s livelihood, it also offers opportunities for those willing to embrace its abilities. We’ll discuss how AI novel writing software has impacted the future of novel writing as a career.

Value of Content in Online Business

The Impact Of AI On Novelists

Some writers are not happy with the presence of AI within the industry because they feel the creative effort they put into their stories can be written by a machine for less money. The reality of novel writing is that you can readily blend the use of AI with plenty of human help to create a marketable novel.

On a very basic level, AI needs your creative fuel to work well. 

Making Stories And Emotions With AI

Many readers enjoy novels for their ability to mentally send us to another time, place or reality. You could certainly call it trying to escape the real world. While AI is great at factual writing, the purpose of the software is to provide information based on research found on the Internet. This doesn’t exactly attempt to connect with the reader on an emotional level. Ai does not know what stirs people’s feelings, but writers can accomplish that.

You can definitely use AI to explore emotions, though. Consider using a best AI novel writer. That can help you choose just the right words to convey your meaning, though only you and your readers will understand the deeper significance behind word choice and feelings.

Put simply, AI doesn’t have an imagination. It can pull stories and examples from across the Internet, but it can’t think of concepts and ideas all by itself, like making a complete universe with its own language and history. It still needs you for that.

AI Makes You More Efficient At Creating Stories

Good novel writers are known for crafting compelling stories with well-thought-out characters and deep worlds that the reader can imagine themselves in. To say that this process can take a significant amount of time and mental energy is an understatement.

You could use AI to help create scenarios. While AI will generally produce a fact-based plot, it has used information from all over the web and could give you new, unique ideas that were generated on the spot, in addition to generally helping spur your own creativity.

Do you use spell check while you write, or just ignore any grammar or spelling mistakes you make while writing in an effort to keep creative momentum going? You can ask AI to quickly detect any issues with repetitive word patterns, words used in the wrong context, or simple errors that come from moving quickly. While you can definitely have friends and readers read your novel and provide you feedback, the errors that AI can catch will allow others to focus more on the content of the book than on detecting writing issues.

While not every writer necessarily needs to work quickly to produce a volume of work, you can instead focus your efforts on more meaningful parts of writing – and the rest of your life. 

The Need To Learn AI

We’ll be fair here. You might be a person who just doesn’t need AI help to write a novel at all. If you have a perfect process and human networks to rely on for help, all the more power to you! Many writers will feel the opposite, though. Finding the time and energy to seek out readers or other writers for ideas and feedback can be challenging.

For the sake of a future career in novel writing, learning how to use AI can be very helpful. As a writer, you’ll probably quickly learn to write good, detailed prompts that AI novel writing software can dissect using natural language processing. You’ll likely find some part of your writing process, whether it’s idea development, outlining, or world building, that can use the data and info that AI provides to help you move along a bit easier.

Also, keep in mind that since you aren’t dealing with a human, AI doesn’t have true biases. AI doesn’t have a particular genre in mind, so it won’t get bored of your book and offer an opinion based on that. You won’t hurt AI’s feelings if you don’t take the feedback seriously. In fact, you can just ask it again in a different way and potentially get a different result.


Many readers can tell the difference between AI writing and human writing. Our reality is that people who enjoy reading novels will still seek the emotional connection sustained by human words, even if AI helps you think of the story and some details. We certainly recommend continuing to pursue a career in writing while using the new tools available to you.