Top e-Learning Platforms to Boost Your Skills in 2022

March 8, 2022 Career

Indeed, learning never stops, but it is also true that learning is not restricted to the walls of a classroom. The best ways to be productive are by learning and developing new talents and boosting the ones you already have. So, if you are looking for a way to do this, using online course sites is a great idea. They could be online learning platforms for business or studying. They mostly have a ready infrastructure already built to grow your enterprise, creating a network online, fast, and profitable.

There are so many online learning websites, but not all may match your needs and requirements. So, this article provides a list of the best eLearning platforms to improve your abilities in 2022.

What are e-learning sites?

It is important first to understand what eLearning software is. It is a virtual market and learning space created to allow professionals to sell their content and allows you as a student to use them as gadgets for the distance learning process. The ones mentioned below are some of the most recommended.

Best Online Course Platforms

·  Skillshare

This is the most popular online learning platform for businesses offering unlimited courses on various topics such as design, editing, writing, photography, and many others. This is unique for entrepreneurs who are more inclined to the sector of creatives and professionals who want to develop new talents and improve on the existing ones. It also offers the opportunity to have your class offline. The pros of this website include a free trial on premium membership which lasts for a month, captivating video lessons, and a large pool of training activities. You also get to be part of a virtual network and participate in various engaging discussion forums. However, according to reviews, the problem with this site is that if you assimilate better through tests, assignments, and quizzes, you might not get much here.

·  Learnworlds

Learnworlds is one of the best online learning platforms for students. It is similar to Paperell which also helps students with their studies and where you can buy term papers. It provides excellent analytics, a modular page builder, attractive templates, and a virtual social community for support. It is basic and flexible and allows teachers to communicate with their students through the text. Learnworlds is the best online learning platform that provides education through gamification, e-books, downloadable attachments from universities and other institutions, and interactive clips. You can also enjoy some massive open online courses without payment and will be given a certificate upon completion. This site also supports social media integration, but it has no phone application. Also, note that the programs here are pretty expensive.

·  Docebo

Docebo is another cloud-based e-learning tool that provides learners with a comprehensive course toolkit. It is ideal for companies that want to undergo the learning management system. It can also be used for pricing by mobile and social businesses. Experts in the field put together the courses here; thus, you are guaranteed to get the best. This online course platform allows integrations such as  WordPress, Drupal, and others. It has a phone app that is not difficult to use and customize in ways that fit and schedule your preference.

·  Thinkific

 This cloud-based system allows anyone to easily create, plan, sell and distribute educational or technical courses online. It is not limited; thus, it is ideal for anybody, whether you focus on selling online courses to earn money, share knowledge with other users, or improve your brand. It allows you to create online courses online in different formats, ranging from PDF, pictures, videos, etc. The site supports integrations like email marketing, communication, analytics, etc. It also has an in-built system that helps you track your progress and certificate templates that allow you to make and sign your certificate to fit your brand image. However, the price on this platform is quite expensive for beginners and offers no live chat to the audience.

·  Linkedin Learning

It provides over 16,000 online classes from various fields such as science and technology, web development, creative and commercial sectors, etc. You can download any of the individual courses you have paid for and easily access them offline at any time. The best feature of this platform is that all the courses are self-paced and are offered in multiple languages. That means you can set your progress according to the level you understand well. This makes it easy for people to understand the subjects. This is a platform that offers other features such as free courses monthly. It also provides offline viewing and certificates upon completion of every program. Other advanced content may be recommended to improve your abilities according to your interests. Unfortunately, most of the subjects are short and basically for beginners and some information is not recent.

Apart from the e-Learning websites mentioned above, you can also choose to use Pluralsight, EdX, Shaw Academy, Podia, Coursera Learn Upon, Udemy, Canvas LMS, and many others. You can use these to study alone or as a team at your pace.


The building or teaching an online course requires signing up to some of the best free online learning platforms available to acquire the needed toolkit. Weigh your options and determine which digital material will work well for you, depending on your area of specialization. Many of these sites give trials and test plans to find and seize such opportunities. Examine the tools first before you start taking courses. Consistency is key. Make sure you discipline yourself to maximize your learning experience.