8 Common Misconceptions Startups Have about Web Development

November 20, 2017 Startups, Web development

So… You have just founded your own firm, defined the product or the service you are selling, and even did some market research to see who your potential buyers are. The only thing needed before the money starts pouring in is the trivial issue of web development.

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Well, things might just not be as simple as one might think, and your startup won’t be the first to misunderstand how web development functions. We have compiled a list of eight most common misconceptions about web development you are likely to have:

1. It’s secondary to other forms of marketing

Most products and services are connected to the Internet in one form or another, and even if you operate fully offline, you still have to have a website, or even a web application. This segment of your business is far too important to be neglected.

2. I know a guy who can build us a website

Don’t be a stinge. It is not wise to trust your web dev to a single individual with shady credentials just because his rate is incredibly low. Web development companies already have a pool of proven contractors that get assigned specifically to your project, which in terms guarantees best results possible.

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3. Once online, that’s it! It won’t change much!

Wrong. Getting your company profile online is merely the first step in the painstaking process of getting people interested in your product. Any change in your business has to be reflected online since your clientele changes as well, and the impact has to be adjusted accordingly.

4. Copying the competition’s website

Although this would be the easy way out, like we have said earlier, web development is far too important to be based on aping your rival’s web presentation. Online innovation is just as important as the idea behind your startup, and it has to be original.

5. It’s awesome, it will go viral instantly

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The general misconception is that things posted online become viral overnight. The process is more complex than that, and patience is the keyword when it comes to online marketing success. Most often, the customer is the one that needs to find you.

6. It should be only about us

Startups don’t just spring up in a vacuum, they have their business ecosystem, and it is wise to acknowledge this fact in web developing. If you are part of a startup hub or cluster, be sure to let you potential clients and partners know this, try not to present yourself as a lone gun.

7. Not putting everything online

Since you are new to the market, it’s not wise to hold anything back. Give the web developers your full profile, including a portfolio and the human resources at your disposal. Write a blog, let everybody know what are you doing and what are you up to.

8. It will come cheap

Since you will be hiring a web development company, don’t expect them to lower the rate just because your company is in its initial stage. Quality costs money and it is no different in the realm of web development.

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Finally, don’t be discouraged if you find that any of the eight misconceptions apply to you. They are simply stepping stones to success of your startup and its web development strategy.