Important Things You Need To Improve About Your Web Business. Now!

Regardless whether your business is a thriving IT startup or you just run a small local business, you feel the need to make your presence felt online. Having a website or even trading online is a must today. However, merely having a web business is far from enough: you must improve it constantly, and here is a list of the first five things you can do to make your website better:

Important Things You Need To Improve About Your Web Business

1. Defining the Goals

Obviously, all websites have objectives their owners want them to complete, but the really successful ones are those with clearly defined achievable goals. These depend on the type of business you run. If you are a store, then naturally you want to sell as much products as possible online, and e-commerce should be your priority.
If you run a blog, then advertising might be a good funding opportunity, but your primary goal should be grabbing the attention of the biggest number of people and grasping their attention for the longest period possible.
From your point of view, the WHY is more important than the HOW, the web development company will take care of the latter. Knowing precisely what your goals are, presents the first and the biggest step in achieving them.

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Important Things You Need To Improve About Your Web Business

2. Be Aware of SEO

What good are a great product and an excellent website to you if they are on page fifteen of Google search?
Since it is highly unlikely anyone would browse that far, you have to be aware of search engine optimization that can increase your number of customers in the long run. The solution is similar to defining your goals: use keywords that are relevant to your web business, don’t dissipate the content on your web page, use meta tags etc. Maybe you should consider hiring the pro or a SEO agency because this can be tricky.

3. Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design
Don’t expect the ideal customer to calmly browse your website on his desktop computer in the comfort of his home. He or she will do it on her smartphone on a bus, via laptop, or on a tablet while waiting for a dental appointment.
Your web design should be responsive. It should acknowledge all the various points of access, keeping you homepage the same no matter what device it is opened on.

4. Optimization of Photos and Videos

Since you are bound to have images and audio content, and the more the better, there is an issue of how to upload it. It should be compressed enough in order not to slow down the web presentation too much. A technical issue, but still an important one. Don’t forget to name photos you are using since they can appear in Google image search.

5. Interaction with Social Media

Having a link to a social network on your website is not a novelty, and you should implement this. But have you ever given a thought on which networks you associate your website with?

The common fallacy is that you should have as many as possible, so companies create profiles on networks nobody uses. Imagine how displeasing to the eye is an official Instagram profile with only one picture posted six months ago.

Right from the very start, opt for 2, 3, or as many social networks as you like. Just don’t forget to post all the time on them. This acts as your secondary web presentation, don’t neglect it.

6. Enable trust seal for the payment page

Customers are constantly worried about their confidential information when entering them online on any webpage. By securing your website and especially its payment page (where users will be required to enter their information) with SSL certificate & enabling a trusted site seal on the website or web pages (usually comes free with SSL), you will improve users’ trust in your business. This move will help improve sales on the website as well as your business reputation.

Social Media

The final piece of advice for your web business is to take an active role in your web development. If you yourself are the web developer, excellent! If not, be sure to unambiguously tell the web development company what your primary goals are.