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September 23, 2019 Business, Marketing

Selecting the most appropriate software for email marketing is sometimes daunting. However, the majority of the marketers desire a similar thing: reasonably-priced and easy-to-use email marketing software that provides different features to increase sales and engage prospects. The wheat has been separated from the chaff, which eliminates the frustratingly complicated and overly expensive email marketing software during any form of the decision-making process. 

Features of the most desirable email marketing software 

The requirements, size of the contact list, and your size are the dependent factors for the most appropriate email marketing software. There are several providers for email marketing software, which is vital to be discussed before diving into a detailed comparison for every feature of the email marketing software:

  • integrations; 
  • security;  
  • and technical elements such as deliverability, user interface, and email templates. 

1. v-User 

Our recommendation for the first and best software for sending bulk emails is the v-User Bulk Email Sender Bot. This tool allows you to send bulk emails through the Gmail website (using Gmail accounts). This feature ensures that almost all your messages end up in users’ inboxes. 

The other significant advantage of this software is it’s permanent and has no cost per use so you just buy the license once, and you do not need to pay for sending emails, unlike other sending email services that you must pay per sending each email. 

For more information or to check this tool, you can read about it on the v-User website. 

2. iContact 

iContact - Email Marketing Software

It is a typical email marketing software provider that is characterized as all-rounded that belongs to the same category as GetResponse and Constant Contact. The software was acquired in 2012 by Cision, which is the PR firm associated with the PR Newswire.

iContact is proud of being simple to use and provides a wide range of managed services for email marketing. The software is best for people who do not have the expertise or time to handle their email marketing services in-house.  

3. Sendlane 

The provider is considered a toddler in terms of email marketing providers because it was established in 2013. Sendlane contains its costs and benefits. For instance, the provider has built some exciting and unique features, including open predictability for machine learning for advanced segmentation and optimization of the send times for emails. 

Nonetheless, Sendlane has its costs. For example, it is known to have the vilest integration among the entire email marketing software discussed herein. Additionally, there was nearly no documentation existing on its website concerning security apart from two sentences that demonstrates their terms of operation. 

These provide is not well built compared to its older counterparts, just like you could anticipate for a reasonably new firm. Therefore, they have clearly emphasized on creating a set of features that is somewhat competitive. They do possess outstandingly great customer support possible to compensate for that.  

4. GetResponse 

GetResponse was acknowledged as the pillar of most email marketing activities before the shift to ActiveCampaign. GetResponse has its headquarters in Poland and precisely Gdansk. Perhaps you’ve had of its product roadmap including the devour delicious bowls of zurek bread and the doubtfully gigantic shots of Polish vodka alongside its brilliant team. If not, it could be an exciting time finding out this, and you could confirm that it was a firm that was mindful of the community. 

Unluckily, GetResponse began to slip behind around 2015 as various automation providers for marketing such as Ontraport and ActiveCampaign among others gained popularity while itself could not just keep up. Money was saved through shifting to ActiveCampaign and gained entry to most powerful email marketing software. It was, miserably, a no-brainer. 

GetResponse is not yet an intuitive or feature-rich compared to others within the market even though it launched its automation element for marketing in the long run. The provider is used with many clients regardless of our perspective; hence, they could be doing the right thing.

5. Benchmark  

The provider could not be the most robust email marketing software out there, although it is effortless to use. Benchmark was placed number one in 2015 by PC Magazine for customer support. Benchmark appeared to third in rank as the fastest to react to support ticket based on the test for customer support. 

I would recommend Benchmark to anyone searching for email marketing software because it is the best to communicate with clients daily. It works out the basic exceptionally well, has remarkable support, and it is simple to use. Its email builder has a drag and drop, which makes the creation of email campaigns become a breeze, is beautifully comfortable, but relatively standard apparently.  

6. SendX  

It is a fairly new contender within the realm of email marketing, although this has not prevented them from bundling up many awards from Capterra and G2Crowd. SendX is proud of being an email marketing solution that is simple, targeting non-marketers. Opti-Send technology is one of its unique elements which spontaneously resend campaigns to contacts, particularly the ones that failed to open the initial email hence improving the open rates. The latter has been regarded as the best practice within the field of email marketing for so many years, nonetheless is surprisingly guide to set up in the majority of the email marketing software.

7. Ontraport

Ontraport came on top when Mindvalley was seeking email marketing software although their chief operating officer used six months while testing the providers for email marketing. Ontraport is a prominent product characterized by the eccentric user community, and it has endured several critical updates for more than the last year.  

It appears that Ontraport has established its niche in small businesses of information product, including fitness gurus and coaches based on the conversations with its former and current customers. There is potential for improved email marketing that is cheap separate to these niches. 

8. Hubspot   

Hubspot IPO’d done its initial service in email marketing to go public in 2006 at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). The Hubspot software is used mostly by small business firms. 

Therefore what’s recommended and what’s not? 

This email marketing software created an impressive and inbound marketing building platform for the landing page, a system for content management, automation for email marketing, and all-in-one customer relationship management for the small businesses. 

Hubspot is complicated and attempts to get a lot with none of it performed very well. Nevertheless, the benefit of having everything in a single place is grounded on the excellence associated with Hubspot analytics. Do you wish to view a conversion rate for an email campaign from the leads netted at the expo you funded previous year? Worry not. 

Price creep is the main setback with Hubspot. It could seem affordable at the beginning, although the pricing could soon become uncontrollable. 

9. SendinBlue 

It is the most recognized as among the top email services transactions. It created an automation product for email marketing based on this status. SendinBlue is used to initiate transactional emails at Leadformly, such as invoice receipts and forgotten passwords. They contain a unique developer application program interface that led to its integration of email transfer functionality into a breeze for applications. 

Are you searching for an email marketing tool to be integrated within your software? Then SendinBlue is the best option for consideration. 

10. Constant Contact

It was established in 1995, making it one of the first firms dealing with email marketing. It is also among the largest composed of more than 200 million sent emails daily. Everything concerning Constant Contact is ordinarily good with the exclusion of their email prototypes. There are no whistles or bells with Constant Contact, unlike the rest email marketing software. You’re possibly not going to get blow away with any of its features, but all in all, there is nothing so underwhelming as well. 

Constant Contact is maybe more like a Toyota or Volkswagen if using Active Campaign is compared to driving a Mercedes or Jaguar. Nothing impressive, but it operates well. 

11. ActiveCampaign  

ActiveCampaign was considered an underdog five years back within email marketing arena. Since then, it has questionably created one of the preeminent products shooting them forward of some of the ancient market leaders such as Infusionsoft, Aweber, and MailChimp.

ActiveCampaign ranked between the first to second place in all these categories from the response of the customer support and rates of delivery to affordability and integrations. ActiveCampaign is currently used with many firms ranging from startups and bloggers to marketing teams within firms of all sizes and shapes.  

About the author:

Juan Koss is from New York, USA. He’s a marketing consultant from Write My Essay For Me company with over 25 years of experience. He has worked with businesses from various education sectors.