How to Transform Your Business with Alteryx?

September 26, 2022 Business

Many businesses and regular people (namely students) have opted to use Alteryx. This software solution allows people and companies to adjust, analyze, access, and output data efficiently and safely. Students and start-ups benefit the most from the Alteryx trial license free since it allows them to test the software without paying a hefty sum. 

Alteryx free trial is the best way to see if it fits one’s needs and whether they benefit from this platform. However, it’s considered to be the most trustworthy and reliable software solution that helps filter, select, blend, and cleanse data, so people often immediately start with a subscription instead of a free trial. 

Businesses in the United States make up the largest percentage of the users of Alteryx, and for good reason. There are more than enough software solutions, but people and entrepreneurs tend to lean more towards Alteryx because of its many advantages and user-friendly nature. 

How to Transform Your Business with Alteryx: Implementation and Best Practices 

Entrepreneurs often need help organizing and optimizing their data, especially when they see that they’re business is growing.

A lack of experience also makes launching a company even more difficult; maintaining a company’s data and all its analysis is no easy task. 

Typically, entrepreneurs are on a budget and can’t hire a dedicated team that doesn’t require much instruction. These companies also find Alteryx to be user-friendly and easier to operate. 

Due to lack of funds (or a company may not be able to find a reliable tech team), there are limited options for a business person if they want a accurate and efficient service that is also cheap. Alteryx is the safest bet on the market. 

However, implementing Alteryx in a system and within a team can be a tricky process. Most companies don’t know how to implement Alteryx in their team, which is often why they don’t do it in the first place. 

Alteryx Implementation

This is to guide some companies that don’t know how to integrate Alteryx within their teams and struggle with understanding how to best fit it within their teams and system.

Find Alteryx Specialists

One of the essential steps is that a company needs to find Alteryx specialists that will become Alteryx advocates. Finding them shouldn’t be a problem; the most recommended way is to select ones from the already-hired employees’ list. A company and those employees will greatly benefit from Alteryx in the long run.

Ideally, these employed specialists should already have experience with technological equipment and software. In most cases learning about Alteryx can bring many opportunities for most employees, so they will likely volunteer to become Alteryx specialists. 

This can also be a way for a company to reward its skilled employees by giving them a chance to shine. Once they have a specialist, they can move on to the next step.

Free the Specialists’ Time

A company needs to pick their Alteryx specialist carefully because they will be the most dependable employees in the firm. 

Implementing an Alteryx specialist in an office will take a team to higher lengths. However, to ensure it goes that way, the company needs to divide the time of these specialists. There are only a few ways to do this; however, one of the right ways to do this is to take some of the responsibilities off their shoulders and evenly distribute them among other employees. 

This may mean that a company will need to make a bigger investment, but it will be worth it when it pays off in the long run. 

Give Them Training

While it may be an apparent step for most, it’s still an essential detail that some businesses miss out on. 

For your specialists to have the proper training, a company needs to hire the right people to train them, preferably people with years of experience. 

There are even paths that they can opt for to learn Alteryx. They are both the most recommended ways to educate and train specialists on Alteryx. And if the selection for such advocates was well-thought, then they will only need a little time to become experts. 

Give Them an Introduction to the Alteryx Community

When a beginner is struggling with something, the experts will often have a solution to the problem. Many helpful and dedicated users in the Alteryx community help guide and shape newcomers.

It’s more efficient and smart to introduce inexperienced specialists to the Alteryx community but beware to warn them to mask confidential data before asking any questions.

Best Alteryx Practices 

Once the team is familiar with the software solution, a company can decide on the best practices involving Alteryx. Here are some of the best ways to use Alteryx designer, especially for beginners. 

Project Planning

Project planning is one of the easiest practices of Alteryx. If a company needs its developers to follow through with a specific project plan, then they should pick a template for the project plan and train their specialists on how to do it. This will increase the chances of your developers using it as intended.

Folder Structure

A uniform folder structure is more complex and crucial than most people will give it credit for. If more people have licenses and all have various folder structures, it will be very tedious to edit and operate workflows when an individual is absent. 

The lack of a uniform folder will increase risks for an organization. A company can instantly nip this in the bud before it becomes a serious issue. 

A company should consult the team about this and schedule a brainstorming session as to clear any confusion. Make sure that at the end of the discussion, there is a folder structure that each member agrees with. 

Maintain Proper Documentation

Proper documentation will come if the company gets in trouble. If there is an emergency, a company can operate more smoothly if they have the right documents at hand. However, this doesn’t mean that there should be additional files to track your workflow. 

While Alteryx has good documentation features, it still needs the user’s help every once in a while. This is why Annotations tools and Comment Boxes are there; to clear any confusion about how your workflow is working. 

Final Words

The Alteryx implementation is a tricky process that often intimidates the entrepreneurs or business owners that are new to this software solution. Its advantages and practices will transform a business with little effort once they know how to implement it in their team in the right way. 

There is also an option to use the Alteryx trial license free to test it for certainty before fully committing to the software.