Website Design Inspiration – 11 Great Websites That Got It Right

April 5, 2024 Marketing, Web development

If you want your site to be among the best websites out there, it must combine functionality and visual appeal to excel in any industry. Incorporating certain key elements is crucial, whether for showcasing an event, creating a personal portfolio, or developing a professional business presence online. Exceptional websites serve a dual purpose: they inspire through design and function as the face of your business. 

Creating an award-winning website goes beyond surface-level tasks; it demands meticulous planning, strategic implementation of colors, usage of website builders, custom code, and other resources to take your site from good to great. This blog post hopes to spark some website design inspiration in your quest to build a beautiful website! 

How important is great web design?

Bad web design will simply drive people away from your website, it’s as simple as that. 59% of people prefer browsing visually pleasing websites. (Source: Adobe)

First impressions matter more than ever as 38% of people claim they would leave a poorly designed website immediately (Source: UK Webhost Review)

But it’s not just about choosing the right website layout and eye candy: a well-built website is Important for high user retention and reducing bounce rate (the percentage of users who leave your website after viewing only a single page). This will also affect your SERP, if users aren’t staying, your site probably isn’t good, so it shouldn’t rank high.

Lastly, in today’s world, mobile devices account for a large portion of traffic, and many site visitors will be coming from a wide variety of devices, so having your website load fast, be responsive, and be mobile-friendly is very important when considering your web design.

What makes a website have a great design?

In today’s digital age, using artificial intelligence tools can significantly speed up the creation of your own site. But that also means the same for everyone else. Excellent web design is more critical than ever. 

It’s essential to have web designers who have a holistic approach. Beautiful web design is like a puzzle, you are telling a story about your brand’s mission, personal brand, or business, all while providing the best functionality speed, and search engine optimization. 

After we covered all that, let’s examine some examples to inspire you when building your own website!

1. Grab And Go

What is the business about?

Grab and Go is a concept that has gained significant popularity in the food industry. It offers packaged, ready-to-eat dishes for customers on the move. The company provides convenient, quick, healthy food options for busy individuals seeking nutritious meals without compromising taste or quality. 

Grab and Go’s business model revolves around offering a variety of freshly made items, such as salads, sandwiches, wraps, and other items, displayed on refrigerated shelves for easy access. Customers can select their desired items, pay, and leave swiftly, making it an ideal solution for those with limited time for meal preparation or dining out.

How the website design serves the message

The design elements and effects keep the users engaged when scrolling while simultaneously providing a quick and easy experience similar to walking in and out of their unmanned shops. An engaging video showcases some of their locations.

2. Strut

What is the business about?

Strut is an AI-powered all-in-one productivity app for writers. It combines the tools to manage the writing process, including capturing projects, notes, drafts, and more in collaborative workspaces. Strut is designed to organize the writing process and work alongside writers to create high-quality content without generic or low-quality output.

How the web design portrays the product

They took a minimalistic, clean, and organized approach, showcasing their product’s best features without using too many distracting elements or colors just like their platform is minimalistic and efficient.

3. Superlist

What the business is about?

Superlist is a productivity tool and platform that helps users manage their lists and tasks. Superlist is described as “Home to all your lists” and aims to provide an organized workspace for users to capture projects, notes, drafts, and more in collaborative workspaces.

How the web design comes into play

They chose more engaging and colorful visual content in their web design process. Scrolling down, images pop up and provide more information about their product. There is no right and wrong, but the package has to work as a whole.

4. Webook – Riyadh Season

What the business is about?

Riyadh Season is a large-scale annual winter entertainment event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The 2023 Riyadh Season featured food, shows, and entertainment across 12 zones. The experience is genuinely extravagant, as is the design of this section of their website.

The main website, Webook is a platform for booking experiences and activities

How the web design portrays the event

This example is easily way up there in terms of web design inspiration. This specific section was solely created for the Riyadh Season event, and the web designers went all out. Some serious web development went into showcasing just this single event, and it will make your computer work to keep up.

5. MiBanxico

What the business is about?

Banco de México, or Banxico, is Mexico’s central bank. Mi Banxico is an interactive educational portal providing economic and financial education resources. 

How the website design serves the goal

Using cartoon characters and light colors alongside an interactive user interface allows for a more light-hearted feeling when going through the financial information they provide, this also creates some distance for the users coming to the site from the association of banking or finance as being grey, dull, or stressful to figure out.

P.s: did you notice that the website is a “site of the day” award winner?

6. Awdagency

What is the company about?

A digital marketing and creative agency that delivers comprehensive marketing solutions tailored to clients’ needs. Their services likely encompass various digital marketing strategies, including website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content creation, and more.

How the website design showcases their work

Their home page is essentially a large portfolio showcasing their creative work, new users are potential clients so showcasing their work especially being heavily creative is a win-win when using the right design aesthetic.

7. Wonderland Studio

What is the business about?

Wonderland Studio is a brand and digital studio based in Amsterdam that creates meaningful value for people and the planet. The studio’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and helpful.

How the website design showcases their knowledge

The company offers brand experience design services through a beautiful and functional website. As an agency, it is important to showcase its portfolio, and using digital design elements in the form of an art exhibit creates a pleasing experience without seeming “forced.” 

8. Lusion

What the business is about?

Lusion is a creative studio that helps clients “Realise Your Creative Ideas.” Specializing in special visual effects, 3D animations and going all out on creative.

How the web design showcases their work

Their website sure takes you on a journey as you scroll with multiple effects and intricate 3D animations that spark creative inspiration in anyone visiting it. One of the bolder website designs listed here.

9. Mixbook

What the company is about?

Mixbook is an online platform for creating photo books, cards, calendars, and other personalized photo products. The website emphasizes an “unrivaled” design experience, “creativity made easy,” and “remarkably crafted” results. 

How the website design serves the business

Providing design examples of books, including videos and animations alongside a feature overview lets you quickly understand their product and see multiple design ideas, allowing you to start creating your book quickly and seamlessly.

10. Wimpy kid

What is the business?

The Wimpy Kid website is the official online presence for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series and its author, Jeff Kinney. The website provides information about the book series, the author, and the company behind it. 

How the website design matches the product

A quirky and fun home page design starts your user journey on the website curiously, followed by the unconventional books shown, catching your eye and allowing easy browsing through the various books offered. Matching the children’s book feeling

11. Qiqiglobal

What the business is about?

Qiqi is a hair care brand offering professional-use-only products, including a “Wavy and Curly Hair Controller” item. The website lists various Qiqi hair care products, providing details about various beauty products.

How the homepage design serves the product

They keep it simple, they provide hair products, the entire home page is a video showcasing product applications and then you have the product sections that is tailored for female audience with visually pleasing imagery.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, the examples of amazing web designs we showcased throughout this article have provided you with the right inspiration and website design ideas to start your own website design journey. 

By highlighting crucial components such as functionality and the importance of using the best website practices, we aspire to encourage readers to explore and experiment with their own website design. Remember, a well-designed website not only provides a visually pleasing experience for visitors, but also promotes a positive user experience that can help turn casual browsers into satisfied customers. 

Embrace the creativity that is in website design and let your creative juices flow, maybe we’ll see your website on the webby awards one day!


How to build the best website?

You can either use various website building platforms, but for a full site to be properly designed, optimized and built it is best have it custom built by developers and web designers  

What are the 10 most popular websites?

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What is the best website for designer inspiration?

You can easily find a vast amount of award winning websites and design examples at, by categories, design features and more

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