Top Headline Writing Tricks to Drive Traffic and Increased Clicks

February 13, 2020 Business, Marketing

Headline writing for your web copy, articles, and blogs is an art. You need to do it with perfection to generate increased traffic and clicks. The best article or blog headlines are those containing something relevant to the content, pique audience interest, and include a keyword (KW).

There is much scope for creativity when it comes to headline writing. Your content headings should add some value to the article or guest post. Make sure you write in as few words as possible and succinct without beating about the bush. There is no exact rule to write a catchy headline.  

Headline Writing Tricks

According to an article published on, there are many ways to make your website successful and getting visitors to come to your site. Before you waste your marketing dollars on expensive SEO campaigns, you need to learn how to drive quality traffic and generate leads for your website. There are online resources, books, and courses to achieve this goal. First, learn the SEO tactics and then implement them through marketing campaigns. It should not be the other way round.

Headline writing is one such technique to drive traffic and clicks. Here are some of the best ways to do so: 

Start with KWs or search phrases 

When you are churning out a piece of valuable content, first do KW research meticulously to figure out what online visitors enter in Google search to look for some information. Even a little difference makes the greatest impact on your website traffic and leads. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. Before you start writing a long-form blog, KW research is necessary and to know about the topics people want to read online. For instance, you zero in on KWs depending on their monthly search volume. You find out search phrases like how to write a headline and headline writing tips have search volumes of 360, good headlines have 390, and how to write a good headline has 170. 

You need to pick a related KW or search phrase with maximum search volume to increase the ROI of your content. You can choose headline-writing tips as the primary KW together with the supporting search terms or phrases. Using the KW, you need to compose a smart headline that generates maximum clicks and traffic. The headline should be KW-rich and express value about an article, web copy, or blog. 

Use some quotes from your blog or article 

You can compose a smart headline by using some quotes from your blog or article. For instance, a quote by an industry influencer, sportsman or celebrity would serve as the best fodder for your article or blog. Make sure you use a quote that is relevant to your content. There are some technicalities when using quotes in your headline. The quote should be in single quotation marks as per Associated Press Style. 

Think of multiple headlines 

Creative people do suffer from writer’s block and it is completely natural. Sit down with a pen and paper and start writing a dozen headlines. Brainstorm, research on the best headline writing tips will have your creative juices flowing. Give it some time and effort and you will come up with a smart, catchy headline. In case, you have problems with optimized headline writing, you can consult with professional SEO services In New York City. We recommend that you try it first and then look for assistance from SEO copywriters. 

Use a question to write a persuasive headline 

You can ask an important question through your guide article or blog headline. Before you start writing the actual piece, ask what questions your post will answer. When knowing this, it will become easy for you to write a question-based headline to pique visitor curiosity.

Let us cite an example to make this point clear to you. Say for instance, you are writing an in-depth guide on home gardening tips. In such a case, you can compose a headline like, “How to grow a home garden? 10 things you must know.” You can think of other headlines too that ask important questions. 

When your headlines like this, your audience will know what your blog or guide is all about and the questions it seeks to answer. 

Write simple and short headlines 

Your headline should be direct and straightforward without beating about the bush. You cannot garner enough traffic and clicks if you end up writing a lengthy and vague headline for your content.

Use catchy words or make your headlines click with a punch line. Therefore, develop the habit of writing short, crisp content headlines to generate visitor interest. It will come with practice. 

Get inspired by your competitor’s headlines 

If you have no idea or stuck for a long time with an article headline, look at how your competitors are using headings to make their content shareable. There is no harm in drawing inspiration. Do not copy those headlines but learn which words your competitors are using and using the KWs in the article title. Inspiration will give you some ideas about headline writing so that you can make variations and write that smart heading that generates clicks. 

Use statistics in your headline 

You can use a valid statistic in your content or blog headline. It is not easy because the rest of the content should use enough data from valid sources in support of your information. It only means you need to do thorough research to write an article or blog with adequate data, stats, and figures. For example, you can write something like 77.5 percent of generation X use social media actively. When you write the content with titles like this, make sure you provide relevant data related to the major social media platforms and not just one. 

Include a call-to-action 

The best headline is one that includes a call-to-action or CTA. You can use words like learn, discover, understand, or find out to make your audience feel they have the power to make an informed decision when they finish reading through your content and click on a link. 


Now that you have these tips handy, use them to write smart headlines for driving traffic, leads, and conversions.